Cortés Desalination and Tidal Electric Generation Project

Tiburón Agua y Electricidad, S.A. de C.V. was formed to design, build, and operate reverse osmosis desalination plants, using a proven technology for the inexpensive generation of electricity from regularly occurring, incoming and outgoing, tidal surges. Low cost electricity will substantially reduce desalination costs, and will provide a viable solution to the rising demand for water in Sonoran desert cities on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

The electrical generation plan involves the strategic placement of turbines and generators mounted on adjustable stanchions, at the northern and southernmost chokepoints of the Infiernillo Strait, and the construction of a nearby power distribution facility that connects with the existing grid.

The plan includes the formation of a real estate company to acquire and develop large parcels in Sonora, Mexico and build functionally integrated, free trade industrial parks. The desalination plants will function as anchor tenant, jointly with all Tiburón Business Alliance members able to participate in self-supply electrical generation.

Tiburón Business Alliance members include:
  • Chemical and Materials Extraction
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Turbine/Generator/Intake Assembly
  • Very Large Diameter Pipe Production Plant
  • BIOROCK® Materials Production - cement, concrete, block, bricks, sheetrock etc.
  • Recycle Plant with Plasma Incinerator
  • Greenhouse Facility - Mariculture/Aquaculture/Agriculture
  • Employment and Technical Training Campus
  • Commercial and Residential Development

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